boy&horse hates fun… 2012-001 – Beneath the Darkness

TitleImage - Beneath the Darkness


Beneath the Darkness is not a good movie, it is tedious, near impossible to get through and just tiring.

The film was an independent semi-horror suspense thriller that is never horrific (not even semi) suspenseful or thrilling. The story is trite, plodding and the characters are never really likable. Except for the villain; who is the only saving grace for this film. Dennis Quaid is fun to watch, channeling crazy like only his brother has in the past, but even he is not enough to carry what is little more than a made for TV movie, and had it been released to TV first, it might have gotten more of a pass.

As is, this tired effort is just boring.

In a word: Boring.

(from here, there be spoilers!)

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