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Sapphire and Steel – Assignment 2: The Railway Station

Hey! Do you want to see something scary?

You do!? Well from October 24th through October 31st I will be streaming Sapphire and Steel Assignment 2: The Railway Station on my streaming channel:

Each episode of The Railway Station will be shown on consecutive nights starting at 9pm central on Monday, October 24th, 2011.

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What for August 2011

What is Science Fiction?

A science fiction story is a story built around human beings, with a human problem, and a human solution, which would not have happened at all without its scientific content.

-Theodore Sturgeon

Science fiction is anything published as science fiction.

-Norman Spinrad

The truth is somewhere between these two positions. The first is probably the view held by most writers and all fans of Science Fiction. Everyone likes to place what they do, or what the love, above that of the works of others. This is not necessarily hubris, but human nature. Science Fiction can and often does bring out the best in its readers by showing them what humans, or aliens, are capable of under extraordinary circumstances.

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When update for August 2011

Updated tentative schedule for next month:

Aug. 05 the new planet of the apes opens, hope to have a quick review up shortly after…
Aug. 06 what – what is science fiction, which came first and why it is important…
Aug. 13 Mahabharata – the indian epic that could be the oldest example of science fiction…
Aug. 19 fright night, conan the barbarian, double remake double feature, 0% originality 50% worst doctor 50% worst chekov, hopes are not high…
Aug. 20 The Birds – aristophanes comedic play could also be a strong contender for the beginning of science fiction
Aug. 26 don’t be afraid of the dark, this actually looks like a cool sorta movie, a bit like the others, which was surprisingly good, could redeem the whole month for movies…
Aug. 27 Ramayana – a return to india to finish out the month and mark the winner
Aug. 29 when – another schedule update…
Sep. 03 Metamorphoses – ovid’s history (sort of) of the world part one…

…this is, mostly, wishful thinking on my part, but as schedules go the hardest part is getting through Mahabharata (it’s really long…) the rest should be easy.