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Once Upon A Time, Episode 3: Snow Falls

I am conflicted…

I have spent the last three days ruminating over my opinion of Snow Falls. This was not a great episode, like the Thing You Love the Most, but at the same time this was not a bad episode.

Once again I really enjoyed the Fairy Land parts of the story, but I think I liked the better connection between the Modern World and the Fairy Land here more. In the Pilot there was little connection, beyond the set-up. In the Thing You Love the Most, there was no discernible connection between the story lines. In future episodes I really want them to keep that interconnectedness going.

It feels, especially with the this and the last episode, that the long-term plan for the show is to use Fairy Land to develop the characters in contrast to their Modern World actions. This is exemplified in Snow White/Mary Margaret.

In Fairy land Snow White is brash, confident and a woman of action.

In the Modern world Mary Margaret is quite, introspective and lonely.

It is too early to tell how the other characters are going to flesh out, though now that John Doe is out of the Coma, we should be able to see how he contrast from Charming. The two Dwarves shown so far, Grumpy and Sleepy, seen to display the same characteristics, but that could be from their limited exposure.

Archie is a small anomaly to this plan, as he acts as a conscience in both “Realms.”

With Regina and the Evil Witch effects of the curse seem to have manifested differently. The promos state that she is the only character that’s knows about the curse, but there are hints in the writing that this might not entirely be the case.

I’ll wait until either is explicitly stated in an episode. And that is one thing that OUAT seems to be doing well, I’m willing to wait to let this show play out.

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