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Nine on the Ninth – Top 9 Horror Comedy Sequels

I had originally planned to write this article for December, before the Blood Rage that was the American Psycho Remake.

Time has eased my rage, and that movie has thankfully been shelved and we’re in a new year so let’s go…

I am a child of movies, but my taste in movies has always been a little off. I like Temple of Doom more than Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Highlander II is one of my favorite movies of all time…

…and on more than one occasion it has been brought to my attention that I have a nearly unhealthy affection for quote/unquote“Bad Sequels.”

But, truthfully I don’t see it like that, I think that, although flawed in some ways, the Campy/Comedy Sequel has value, hell it must since there is a whole sub-genre of horror devoted to them.

This is my Top Nine Horror Comedy Sequels, they’re not always better than the originals… but they are still worth watching…

Top Nine Horror Comedy Sequels

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