The Point, maybe

What is the point?

My inner rationalist asks as I try to type out this first post of what should be a very straight forward blog.

The premise is simple if not entirely easy to explain: Science Fiction was bad, then good, is bad again (kinda), and will be great again (probably).

See, simple. But, how do you explain why someone would want to spend time reading that, much less writing about it? Hell, I’m not even posting the first real entry.

What is the point? Well, whatever your opinion of the current state of science fiction on tv, in movies or in print, science fiction was dreadful in the past and got better. It is, by and large, dreadful now, and it will get better.

We can get through this, we will get through this, but it won’t be easy.

As with everything, you start from the beginning…

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