In my family we take birthdays very seriously. It is the one day out of the year that someone can do exactly what they want to do.

For me tha means staying home, popping the top off a few dozen Dublins and watching movies. Each year I select a few movies, mostly at random to watch from the moment I get up until I pass out at night.

No work and almost eighteen hours, this year I selected Nine movies…

Birthday Movie Marathon 2011


Presented in viewing order…

1. The Illusionist, 2006

This was a count toss for me. I knew I wanted to watch one of the magician Movies from a few years ago, and it was The Illusionist that won out over The Prestige.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Prestige, though I have to say the book is much better that the movie.

In the Illusionist, Edward Norton plays Eisenheim the Illusionist, a seemingly powerful stage magician that tangles with the Crown Prince of the Austrian Empire, played by Rufus Sewell, for the affections of the Duchess von Teschen, played by Jessica Biel.

Like the Prestige, the story plays out like a long stage trick, but here told not by the principle protagonist, but by Paul Giamatti in one of his better supporting roles.

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2. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!, 1984

Honestly, if you haven’t seen this masterpiece I’m not sure I want you reading my blog…

This one is always on the birthday list, and sometimes just on the Saturday schedule, and Sunday, and sometimes Monday and Tuesday…

Hell, I’ll watch this one when ever the sun is up… or down…

…and here’s a bonus:

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3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005

This one of those films you catch on cable in the middle of the week, and you come in at just the right time and the hook grabs you.

For me it’s the scene below, with Gay Perry berating Harry for being an idiot:

…and the trailer:

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4. Freejack, 1992

If I believed in guilty pleasures, this one would be on the top of the list. It isn’t a good movie, by any definition, but like many early to mid-nineties scifi movies it is a fun watch.

Now it doesn’t get as much play as other movies on this list, but I haven’t met any one who doesn’t like Mick Jagger in it…

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5. Krull, 1983

Spoony had Yor, I have Krull.

The difference, Krull is actually watchable and has a coherent story line. Those of you who follow my twitter feed might remember this from a couple of weeks ago:

…that is currently out to get framed. That’s the sorta impulse buy I make when I have spare cash…

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6. Meet the Robinsons, 2007

Keep Moving Forward…

This is my favorite Disney movie, hell it would be my favorite Pixar movie, if Pixar had made it. This oft overlooked gem tells the story of a genius orphan and his day with the Robinsons.

I recommend the book, which is different from the movie, but in a good way, the two compliment each other nicely.

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7. Micmacs à tire-larigot, 2009

This was another random chance showing, as I knew I was going to show a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film, though in the past it has usually been La cité des enfants perdus.

I cannot understate the kind of Jeunet nerd I am, I have seen all of this feature legnth films, Alien Resurrection is my favorite Alien movie, and the only one I currently have on Blu-ray. I enjoy Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain and Un long dimanche de fiançailles, and I took French in high school just so that I could watch Delicatessen with the subtitles turned off (taught myself the curse words).

I cannot stress enough how vital to my sanity that Jean-Pierre Jeunet continue to make movies…

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8. The Brothers Bloom, 2008

Holy shit! That’s my new favorite camel…

’78 Caddy? Controversial choice…

Don’t give me that blank look, you know what a goddamn banana seat is…

Make way, make room! For the Brothers Bloom!

Rian Johnson is quickly taking him place in my movie library alongside Jeunet, Smith and Gilliam.

Brick was he debut film, and he followed that up with The Brothers Bloom. Narrated by Ricky Jay, this is a darkly humorous look at grifters, shut-ins and mute Japanese explosives experts…

…and there’s this:

Yes, that is a one-legged cat...

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9. Paranoia, 2011

At the risk of looking like I’m pandering, this is a really good movie. I followed the production on Brad’s Website, and though I like the humor of Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Paranoia is a much cleaner production.

I did buy this the first week it was released, although in searching for a picture I did spot it on a torrent site, and I was conflicted. I really don’t like the idea of pirating small production releases.

Pirate Pirates if you want, but buy from the little guys.

Well there you have it, how I spent my birthday… I am a nerd, I can live with that…

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