Wild Hog… Surprise!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it’s time to figure out what to do with all the cranberries that have been trust back on the market…

…and what we do in my family is run them through a meat grinder, because we sorta look like this:

So, to get started, we need a few ingredients…

12 oz whole cranberries

2 medium navel oranges

1.5 cups sugar

You will need this:…not these:

You will also need a meat grinder, like this one:…but I prefer this model:

Now, take your bag of cranberries and remove the popped, wrinkled or ugly ones. Like this movie, we only grind up pretty things…

…and replace the rejects with good cranberries from another bag (you need 12 oz)…

Now, use this: To make these:

Look like this:

…and put the oranges and the cranberries into the grinder… (montage time)

Mix in the sugar…Put into a lidded container…

Let the flavor meld for at least one week in fridge stirring once a day… maybe… if you want… (makes a quart)

On Thanksgiving serve to family with their favorite meat…

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