Wow, it has been a while since I posted a real log here, and today I have a bit of a goof.

I got a little behind, even in watching the new films of this year, and with today starting the Summer Season with The Avengers open in the US, I had to come up with a way to see a lot of movies in a really short time.

My solution?

Mini Film Festival!

Starting tonight and running through Sunday, I will see 16 Films released this year (17 if you count last night’s attendance at Jeff, Who Lives at Home, which I will).

Here’s the schedule (please check out the trailers and take a look at the imdb pages):


1 Jeff, Who Lives at Home (trailer) (imdb) 4:50 pm


2 Safe (trailer) (imdb) 7:30 pm
3 The Five Year Engagement (trailer) (imdb) 9:20 pm
4 Casa de mi Padre (trailer) (imdb) 11:50 pm


5 Nazis at the Center of the Earth (vod) (trailer) (imdb) 7:00 am
6 The Giant Mechanical Man (vod) (trailer) (imdb) 8:30 am
7 The Avengers (3d) (trailer) (imdb) 12:50 am
8 Delicacy (trailer) (imdb) 5:20 pm
9 Damsels in Distress (trailer) (imdb) 7:30 pm
10 The Sound of My Voice (trailer) (imdb) 9:40 pm


11 God Bless America (SxSW fav. now on vod) (trailer) (imdb) 7:15 AM
12 The Pirates! Band of Misfits (trailer) (imdb) 9:40 am
13 Salmon fishing in the Yemen (trailer) (imdb) 12:40 pm
14 The Wicker Tree (vod) (trailer) (imdb) 3:25 pm
15 Outcast (vod) (trailer) (imdb) 5:05 pm
16 Beneath the Darkness (vod) (trailer) (imdb) 6:45 pm
17 Better Off Dead… (Special showing w/ Diane Franklin!) (trailer) (imdb) (drafthouse) 10:00 pm

I still might add a couple of movies on Monday, but it’ll depend on how I feel after work.

The vod movies will be live tweeted, if there is something that pops into my head. I suspect Nazis at the Center of the Earth is going to get brutalized, as I really like Iron Sky.

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Check back here for updates.

Special Thanks to @RedSarah12 for pointing out that this is crazy and for giving this craziness a name, follow her on twitter.
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