Ernest Borgnine. January 24, 1917 ā€“ July 8, 2012
Charles Durning. February 28, 1923 ā€“ December 24, 2012

I was devestated to hear about the passing of Charles Durning, right after the death of Jack Klugman and after seeing The Muppet Movie again on Christmas Eve.

The first film I can remember seeing Durning in was The Best Little Whore House in Texas, and then The Sting. He was a treasure, and was a joy to watch in countless performances.

We are lessened, as a race, with the passing of anyone, especially the like of Charles Durning.


I would rather do a play because it`s instantaneous. You go on the stage, and you know whether it`s happening or not. Somebody asked me “what is acting?” And I said, “acting is listening.” And if you ain`t listening, nobody`s listening.



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