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Churchill: The Hollywood Years – Background and Commentary

Origin: England

Churchill: The Hollywood Years was a production of the English film industry.

This movie is less how Americans remember the WWII and more how the English think Americans remember WWII. The jokes are also geared to a specific subset of the English that find Harry Enfield and testicle  jokes funny. That is not to say the movie is not going to make you laugh. However…

… you are only going to laugh at the historical inaccuracies. But that’s okay, those inaccuracies are mostly intentional. The movie seems to take place in 1939, which makes some jokes… questionable.

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Nine on the Ninth – Deep Space Nine

I have a confession to make: I love Deep Space Nine.

I don’t know what I was doing when I first saw Man Trap or Encounter at Farpoint or Wrath of Khan, but I can tell you exactly what I was doing when I saw Emissary. I was 12 years old sitting in my room huddled with my sisters and my Dad around a 13″ B&W tv, the only one we had that had an antenna.

Why did we need an antenna? Because the only station that was broadcasting Deep Space Nine on that January night was in Dallas, and it was a hell of a chore to line up those rabbit ears. Luckily the local CBS affiliate picked it up the next week so I got to see the Wormhole open up in all it’s glory.

From that point on, for seven years, every Saturday night at 10:35 I was hooked.

More than TOS, more than Next Generations, DS9 is Star Trek in my eyes. If has everything that I love about Science Fiction: Aliens, Social Allegory, Space Battles, Random Technobable (admittedly less so than in TNG)… and eventually I will go into great detail about Deep Space Nine, but today I’ll just go into the Nine best story arcs, in my oppinion, of the whole seven season run:

The Ferengi The Bajoran Civil War The Changelings
The Pah Wraith Martok Nog
The Emissary Section 31 The Mirror Universe

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The Pirate Movie – Background and Commentary

The Pirate Movie

Background: The Pirate Movie is a modern interpretation of Gilbert’s and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, one of their better know works. The Movie is told in a dream sequence by the unconscious Mabel, played here by Kristy McNichol. The original light opera was mainly told, like most operas by G&S, through the point of view of the lead male character, Frederic. The shift of focus to Mabel, and her more independent characterization was a consequence of cultural changes of the 60’s and 70’s.
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What for August 2011

What is Science Fiction?

A science fiction story is a story built around human beings, with a human problem, and a human solution, which would not have happened at all without its scientific content.

-Theodore Sturgeon

Science fiction is anything published as science fiction.

-Norman Spinrad

The truth is somewhere between these two positions. The first is probably the view held by most writers and all fans of Science Fiction. Everyone likes to place what they do, or what the love, above that of the works of others. This is not necessarily hubris, but human nature. Science Fiction can and often does bring out the best in its readers by showing them what humans, or aliens, are capable of under extraordinary circumstances.

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When update for August 2011

Updated tentative schedule for next month:

Aug. 05 the new planet of the apes opens, hope to have a quick review up shortly after…
Aug. 06 what – what is science fiction, which came first and why it is important…
Aug. 13 Mahabharata – the indian epic that could be the oldest example of science fiction…
Aug. 19 fright night, conan the barbarian, double remake double feature, 0% originality 50% worst doctor 50% worst chekov, hopes are not high…
Aug. 20 The Birds – aristophanes comedic play could also be a strong contender for the beginning of science fiction
Aug. 26 don’t be afraid of the dark, this actually looks like a cool sorta movie, a bit like the others, which was surprisingly good, could redeem the whole month for movies…
Aug. 27 Ramayana – a return to india to finish out the month and mark the winner
Aug. 29 when – another schedule update…
Sep. 03 Metamorphoses – ovid’s history (sort of) of the world part one…

…this is, mostly, wishful thinking on my part, but as schedules go the hardest part is getting through Mahabharata (it’s really long…) the rest should be easy.

The Point, maybe

What is the point?

My inner rationalist asks as I try to type out this first post of what should be a very straight forward blog.

The premise is simple if not entirely easy to explain: Science Fiction was bad, then good, is bad again (kinda), and will be great again (probably).

See, simple. But, how do you explain why someone would want to spend time reading that, much less writing about it? Hell, I’m not even posting the first real entry.

What is the point? Well, whatever your opinion of the current state of science fiction on tv, in movies or in print, science fiction was dreadful in the past and got better. It is, by and large, dreadful now, and it will get better.

We can get through this, we will get through this, but it won’t be easy.

As with everything, you start from the beginning…